When does my septic tank need to be cleaned out?

When does my septic tank need to be cleaned out

Septic tanks have a crucial role to play in any residential or commercial sewage system. The tanks are normally constructed from plastic or concrete materials to collect wastewater and sewage from the building. These tanks are usually installed in places where there are no municipal sewer lines. It tells you that they mostly serve rural homeowners or those homes that were constructed before the sewer lines were installed in the area.

Given that septic tanks tend to hold a large amount of sewage, it is common for homeowners to know how long it should take before emptying them. This article will give you a perfect answer to this question.

How Should I Empty my Septic Tank?

The general rule of thumb is that you need to empty your septic tank one time every five years. However, the actual frequency varies depending on the number of users and the frequency of use. If you have a larger household, you will have to pump your tank more frequently. If you are a single individual living in a home, it can take you ten years before pumping your septic tank. If you are many, you may be forced to undertake this exercise every two years.

It is good to occasionally pump out your septic tank f you want it to give you reliable operations. A septic tank that does not work properly will pose so many problems to your household. You don’t want sewage to back up into the household drains or bubbling up of sewage from the ground that surrounds the lateral field and septic tank.

To avoid potential health hazards and expensive repairs, you need to examine and take note of the septic tank pumping intervals of your household and then create a pumping schedule that you can use going forward. For instance, check how long you had to wait before cleaning the sewage tank in the past. If I went to handling overflow problems, you need to schedule the cleaning earlier. You can also talk to the neighbors who have the same size of the septic tank and nearly the same family size. These people will give you better insights into how often you should clean out your septic system.

Why do you Need to Empty Your Septic Tank?

One of the main reasons why you need to empty your septic tank more frequently is overload. The fact that you have never had issues with your septic tank in the past does not imply that you should neglect it. As the property owners, one of your major responsibilities is to maintain this unit.

Emptying the tank frequently will help it to serve its main purpose perfectly. Heavier substances tend to settle at the bottom of the tank which forms into a sludge layer. If the sludge builds up to a higher level than what is required, more substances will get to the lateral field or soil absorption system. As the lateral field pipe continue to clog, it will prevent liquids from flowing out and through the pipes to be absorbed in the surrounding soil. Lastly, unsanitary water will find its way to the surface due to the overloading of the septic system. You will begin to smell the effects before you can even see them.

Emptying the Septic Tank

It is advisable to use professionals for the cleanout of the septic tank. These people are specially trained to handle septic tank waste disposal.